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Firefox 52 setTimeout() Changes

Firefox 52 hit the release channel last week and it includes a few [changes to setTimeout() and setInterval()][]. In particular, we have changed how we schedule and execute timer callbacks in order to reduce the possibility of jank.

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A Very Special Valentines Day Build

Last week we [introduced some custom Firefox builds][] that include our work-in-progress on Service Workers. The goal of these builds is to enable wider testing of our implementation as it continues to progress.

These builds have been updated today, February 14:

[Firefox Service Worker Builds][]

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Introducing Firefox Service Worker Builds

About [two months ago I wrote][] that the Service Worker Cache code was entering code review. Our thought at the time was to quickly transition all of the work that had been done on the maple project branch back into Nightly. The project branch wasn’t really needed any more and the code could more easily be tested by the community on Nightly.

Fast forward to today and, unfortunately, we are still working to make this transition. Much of the code from maple is still in review. Meanwhile, the project branch has languished and is not particularly useful any more. Obviously, this is a bad situation as it has made testing Service Workers with Firefox nearly impossible.

To address this we are going to begin posting periodic builds of Nightly with the relevant Service Worker code included. These builds can be found here:

[Firefox Service Worker Builds][]

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Implementing the Service Worker Cache API in Gecko

For the last few months I’ve been heads down, implementing the Service Worker Cache API in gecko. All the work to this point has been done on a [project branch][], but the code is finally reaching a point where it can land in mozilla-central. Before this can happen, of course, it needs to be peer reviewed. Unfortunately this patch is going to be large and complex. To ease the pain for the reviewer I thought it would be helpful to provide a high-level description of how things are put together.

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