Its been two busy weeks since the last Service Worker build and a lot has happened. The first version of the Cache API has landed in Nightly along with many other improvements and fixes.

The Cache landing is nice because it was the largest set of patches blocking users from testing directly in Nightly. Finally getting it into the tree brings us much closer to the point where we don’t need these custom builds any more.

We’re not there yet, though. The custom builds will still be needed until the following two issues are fixed:

  • Cache.put() current does not work. In order to fix this we must integrate Cache with the CrossProcessPipe. These patches have been in the custom builds from the start, but we must complete the work in order for most Service Worker sites to be usable on Nightly. | bug 1110814
  • Service Worker scripts and their dependencies are not currently saved for offline access. Obviously, we must fix this in order for Service Workers to provide true offline support. This feature is in progress, but unfortunately is not in the custom build yet. | bug 931249

Once these two bugs are fixed we will begin encouraging the community to test with Nightly directly.

This week’s build was updated as of yesterday, March 8:

Firefox Service Worker Builds

This build includes the following feature changes in Nightly:

  • Cache API bug 940273
  • FetchDriver channel stalls when Service Worker returns from fetch event too early | bug 1130803
  • remove Service Worker Cache “prefixMatch” option bug 1130452
  • ServiceWorkerGlobalScope.close() should throw InvalidAccessError | bug 1131353
  • ServiceWorkerClients API spec changes bug 1058311
  • Remove ServiceWorkerGlobalScope.scope bug 1132673
  • ServiceWorker: client.postMessage should be dispatched to navigator.serviceWorker.onmessage | bug 1136467

It also includes these bug fixes:

  • navigator.serviceWorker.controller does not track underlying state | bug 1131882
  • Fix registration persistence in some activation cases bug 1131874
  • Don’t persist registrations that fail bug 1132141
  • FetchDriver should check content load policy before proceeding | bug 1139665
  • Use correct principal for channel which updates ServiceWorker | bug 1137419
  • Seg Fault when calling cache.matchAll without parameters bug 1138916
  • Crash in ActorChild::SetFeature bug 1140065
  • Fix -Winconsistent-missing-override warnings introduced in Cache API | bug 1139603
  • disallow creating nested workers from ServiceWorker bug 1137398

Finally, a number of testing changes were made:

  • Replace getServiced() with matchAll() in a couple of ServiceWorker tests | bug 1137477
  • Various ServiceWorker test fixes bug 1139561
  • Remove activatingWorker warning in ServiceWorkerManager bug 1139990
  • Remove a couple of unused test functions on ServiceWorkerContainer | bug 1140120
  • nice to have a test-interfaces.html for ServiceWorkers bug 1137816

Many thanks to all the contributors:

Please let us know if you find any new issues. Thank you!