About two months ago I wrote that the Service Worker Cache code was entering code review. Our thought at the time was to quickly transition all of the work that had been done on the maple project branch back into Nightly. The project branch wasn’t really needed any more and the code could more easily be tested by the community on Nightly.

Fast forward to today and, unfortunately, we are still working to make this transition. Much of the code from maple is still in review. Meanwhile, the project branch has languished and is not particularly useful any more. Obviously, this is a bad situation as it has made testing Service Workers with Firefox nearly impossible.

To address this we are going to begin posting periodic builds of Nightly with the relevant Service Worker code included. These builds can be found here:

Firefox Service Worker Builds

This page will be updated as code changes or migrates into Nightly.

We are all very excited to see Service Workers adopted on the web and are actively working to have it enabled in Firefox Nightly by the end of March. We hope that these builds will allow wider testing of our implementation to help us reach that goal.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work through the issues to get this feature landed and enabled in Nightly.