Last week we introduced some custom Firefox builds that include our work-in-progress on Service Workers. The goal of these builds is to enable wider testing of our implementation as it continues to progress.

These builds have been updated today, February 14:

Firefox Service Worker Builds

This week’s build provides a number of improvements:

  • Andrea Marchesini landed bug 984050 in Nightly implementing peristent Service Worker registrations. Previously registrations would be forgotten once the browser was closed. Obviously, persistent registrations is a key feature necessary to implement offline web apps with Service Workers.
  • Nikhil Marathe has a patch in bug 1130065 that fixes some of the trickier aspects of activating a Service Worker for a document.
  • The Paris team has also been investigating using Service Workers on FirefoxOS. With Andrea’s help this work is being moved into the tree and is also included in this build.
  • As a result, this build now includes a FirefoxOS build for the Flame device based on the v18D firmware.

Also, some patches that were included in last week’s build have landed in the tree for Nightly:

  • As mentioned above, persistent registrations landed in bug 984050.
  • Improvements to gecko’s stream infrastructure to support cloning also landed in bug 1100398.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems. Thank you for your assistance in testing this new feature!